15 December 2005


Ganguly axed... And you are worried and angry over the selectors, coach etc... But wait you are watching only the highest level in the domain of cricket. But there are so many fields and at all levels these type of things are happenning. So am I asking you to calm down and concentrate on work? Anniyan might kill me if I do that.
So what to do for that? No... we cant punish the national selectors. We dont have enough rights for that. We ourselves act as selectors at our own field at our level. A manager might dump his team member he dont like or promote a jaalra/supporter. So what ever you are, dont make life harder for the gangulys working with you.
Survival of the fittest. So is it better to be a jaalra of those big shots to live comfortably? My grey matter says so, but my heart never allows me to do that. I like to fight it out with those who are on top of me!
ops! my manager is on the way... you know my manger is the best manager I have seen in my whole career as a software pro. Hi Boss...


Hazardous waste materials produced by the IT industry are known as eWaste and the whole world is exploring ways to dump them or recycle them safely. They are looking only at the hardware.
But there are softwares which are obsolete, so a waste material(material?!) and if not cleaned up properly might be hazardous and it is produced by the IT industry. Atleast this gives more work for IT professionals(sweepers/Debuggers-maintenance)...
But there are IT professionals themselves who havent updated their skills and they themselves are hazardous waste material produced by the IT industry... I will be one of them soon. What to do with them?

14 December 2005

Dowry, a misconception

Many educated people think dowry as unethical. But is it really bad?
After marriage either the bride or groom need to shift his/her place. And it was decided that girl will shift as a protocol. Probably because they can adapt easily and boys are very soft by nature. So their share in the inherited wealth of his/her parents needs to be passed on to them. So the girl takes her share in the name of "dowry".
So there is nothing wrong with dowry but it is not something that should be demanded etc.. and it should be the bride's share from her parents inherited(earned?! its the earner's wish) wealth. It need not be equal to the groom's share of wealth or status.
girls wealth + something else = boy's wealth + something else
that something else could be(and should be) something so great that wealth is negligible in this equation

Dowry which was a right of women to get her share of wealth, which was empowering women, considering them on par with men, but sadly has become a villain in many women's life. How does that happen? If you need more money, marry a rich girl who has more share('dowry'). But I doubt whether she will be ready to marry a poor chap. Dont marry a girl who is ready to marry you but poor and torture her for more. And it is her wealth and not yours. It is up to her to decide how to spend it.

So do I endorse dowry? I do! But does that mean I do expect dowry? Not at all!

12 December 2005

Money counts?!?!

What will happen if every one has an infinite source of money available to them? People can buy whatever they want? So money won't have its worth and what will be the purpose of everyones life? Wont that be to get the affection and love of others? As everything else money can buy? And people will love others or atleast feel jealous of other people who have qualities or skills which money can't buy, such as intelligence, voice, beauty(should come first?), sporting talents, artistic skills suc as painting etc...
But all this cant happen ,as if money is available for everyone, no one will work to produce goods for others... will those big corporations and government funtion? but wont they work for mutual benefit? But that will bring back the concept of money :-( So its impossible to reach such a situation
But I wonder will those people born with silver spoon be of that kind? Always searching for love and affection... I would love to live such a life. But Its is pathetic to see some of those gifted people satisfying their life with drugs,... the uglier alternatives. So they take their life concentrated whether its good or bad as we the normal takes a bit of everything... thats very cool... too much of anything is good for nothing.

Is he selfish?

Gautam Gambhir, the young batsmen with his golden oppurtunity to cement his place in the Team India. He got out cheaply in the first innings. But wont he feel happy to see Team India being cheaply dismissed in the first innings, so that he will get to bat again... another chance to get on board! Isnt he selfish? What would be your mindset in such a situation? I would be _____ !

Am I a cynic ?

05 December 2005

Which Area are you from?

In Tamilnadu, especially chennai... Now people dont ask you the Area you are from but the Aree(Yeri i.e., tank) you belong to!
That is the situation there, fully flooded. My sweet little home had a swimming pool this saturday when I was there...

There were days, when I was young I pray for rains which translates to me as leaves... And later as increase in the level of water table, But now... ops. Anything that exceeds the limit is poisonous, Even if its the elixir of life

How about the contrary, poison in traces is elixir of life? I believe it is also true.

17 November 2005

Interesting Life

I like to do different things...... look for variety, always

And thats what is I am getting in Life, variety......

I am with my third team reporting to a diff manager on a different project within a year... I have seen as many things possible in the recent past right from going with the interview team to campus, layoff, dummy candidate for interview process and questions refinement, first article(a tip about some commands) published, film, First salary, IT, savings, Rented house, Bangalore, employee, etc...

Hope I wont get bored of these constant changes and start longing for constantness.....

Haiku ??? pudhukavithaisssss

Haiku a form of poetry in Japanese, is not really the pudhukavithai form... It has lots of rules like 5-4-5 syllable units, a word expressing the season it represents etc... But its difficult if not impossible to follow them in Tamil, English,...and the season thing in India as it rains anytime and droughts are the norm. So we call anything thats rhyming and/or interesting as haiku which should be called as pudhukavithai actually.... But what is in the name as long as it serves its purpose.... interesting, time-pass, conveys some message, reveals interesting patterns of thought.

Let me try..... if you can't understand then just understand that its in a languange called Tamil but written using English script.

Nilavai thoda aasai pattaal thaan imayathaiyenum yetta mudiyumaam
athanaal thano thozh(l)i unnai virumbugiren,
oru ulagha azhagiyaavuthu kidaika maataalaa yenakku

27 October 2005

Fragile World

We blame nature for its unforgiving atrocity. But who built the world so fragile that it breaks even after moderate rain. Is science/man not developed enough? Though we know rains, cyclones and tremors are very much possible, we don't provide space for them, when we build cities/buildings. So when those relatives visit us, everything breaks. Why cant we build broad roads with proper drainage systems, no crossings at all(flyovers can do), etc... Why cant we build short buildings with design strong enough to accommodate one of our biggest relative, say a 10 Richter quake or a 500cm rain or a 100 miles tornado?

But it is very important for a Bangalorean to go through this experience of Rain affected Traffic congestion, so as to make him feel to be in heaven when he has to live with the regular unacceptable and normally intolerable traffic congestion.

Though I suggest flyovers, they are vulnerable - I agree. Especially Hosur Road it's enough just to join the service lanes with the main road, so that the unnecessary chaos caused by artificial load-balancing and the space wasted for the sewage system which never helped during the rains could be put to use.

05 October 2005

Caught in a Rumor?

If you are the chewing gum in the teeth of people, does it necesarily mean you are a ViP? Not neccesarily! I was caught in such a rumor among my classmates, not once but many a times. Always I feel that it was done to cause harm to someone else and I get harmed in the process. And in the end I become notorious(famous?) too.

Its like if Sachin is rumored to have nexus with a bookie/bar dancer/..., I have been in that book makers role too often. But when will the day come for me to be the maestro myself?

03 October 2005


Does it stands upto its hype? For me - Not at all.

The new kind of Amnesia(a concept from 'memento' - English) and the life of such a patient provides some food for thought. But otherwise its plain, boring movie. It never made my pulse race, which it should have been - if its got to be a thriller. Asin brings in some pep. Also she looks to be the protagonist more than surya. Her heroics of saving girls from kidnappers is the key element of the movie. But as it comes as a flashback, We know that she is no more even before we see her.

Being Rich is portrayed as a quality of the Hero, did not appeal. Hero can be rich but being rich is not heroism. Nayanantara?! Climax leads to boredom. But the fight had some good shots but... At times it feels like Aalavandhaan.. The amount of gore increased my aversion towards the movie.

Except for the amnesia nothing stands in my mind. The same 'mental disorder' in a humorous plot would have appealed more to me. Gajini invaded again and again until he won(i'm bad in history), but sanjay ramasamy didnt win at all. Final word - dissapointment.

Also saw Anbe Aruyire (ah aah, Best Friend, BF) - would have been a good movie had he avoided those double meaning dialogues and disgusting scenes. Probably suryah thinks it to be his USP.

Is this a season for mental illness - Chandramukhi, Anniyan, Gajini, Anbe Aruyire, ... Makes me Mad. Waiting to get wet in Mazhai and meet Vallavan with Maja. Let me hope that its going to be a vettayadu villayadu for me.

15 September 2005

Aussie Juggernaut? Not Really!!!

The aces turned into ashes in ashes. What could be the reason? Leave cricket technicalities for a moment. They were not at all thinking about loosing for sometime as winning was their habit. But then came the ICC Super series. AUS Versus World XI. Probably they sensed their chance of being defeated by the Rest of the World. The very thought of defeat could have made Aus weaker. And the Result...Ashes!!!

So never ever think of defeat!!! But isnt required to be prepared for the worst? Don't worry Ganguly will do that

12 September 2005

Totti Jaya

Simbu is back but controlled by someone else. A nice journey I enjoyed... It's a good one from Simbu... He has made a loud appeal... But will the verdict be on his side. To me it looks plumb, hits middle and off. Now I am waiting for his next Bouncer, Vallavan.

Meanwhile S J Surya, this unorthodox Night-watchman is trying to become a regular batsman. The ball hasn't reached Bangalore this week. I would like to have a look at this Douglas Marillier as soon as he plays in B'lore.

Make me the Google CEO

If you guyz wanna destroy the MS empire, jus make me the CEO of Google. I'll release Google Linux beta. Just a desktop based on KDE/GNOME with the classy Gmail look and feel would migrate many people to shift from Windows. Provide many net apps and desktop features only for that platform!!! Why not can I do that now itself... Its got to be a google or MS to be followed by the mass like a religion.[Is it so???]

05 September 2005

Desktop Vs Internet

Who will win? The OS or the WWW?

An article found in rediff.com - bit lengthy... edited
Microsoft CEO vowed to 'kill' Google

Michael Liedtke in San Francisco | September 05, 2005 10:41 IST

Microsoft Corp CEO Steve Ballmer vowed to 'kill' Internet search leader Google Inc in an obscenity-laced tirade, and Google chased a prized Microsoft executive 'like wolves,' according to documents filed Friday in an increasingly bitter legal battle between the rivals.

Lee started at Google the day after he resigned from Microsoft.The tug-of-war over Lee -- known for his work on computer recognition of language -- has exposed the behind-the-scenes animosity that has been brewing between two of high-tech's best-known companies.

Before joining Google, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt was a top executive at Sun Microsystems Inc. and Novell Inc., a pair of tech companies that Microsoft has previously battled.

Microsoft is suing to prevent Lee from leading Google's China expansion, maintaining those duties would violate the terms of a noncompete agreement that he signed as part of his employment contract.

Microsoft alleged Lee's insights helped him win a Google contract worth more than $10 million -- a package that Google itself described as "unprecedented" for the company.

Google paid Lee a $2.5 million signing bonus and promised a $1.5 million bonus after one year, plus a $250,000 salary and options on 10,000 shares of Google stock, according to court documents. If he stays for four years, Lee also will receive another 20,000 Google shares, currently worth $5.8 million.

Lee also demanded that Google pay all his legal fees if Microsoft sued, a request that was granted.

30 August 2005

Who named Tamil, Thamizh?

To my knowledge(I do have some!) a region, country will be named by others and not by the natives. For example we didn't name India as India but the Moghuls, like other residents who lived to the west of the Indian sub-continent named India as ‘Hind’ or ‘Hindustan’, after the river Indus which flows in the present day Pakistan. The language spoken in ‘Hind’ was called by them Hindi or Hindustani.
So as long as some other language exist and we come to know about it, language won't have a name. If tamil is a great language whose origin cannot be traced and the only language that possess the special zha(la-), are the tamilians so intelligent to give their language a name? If someone else named Tamil, how did they use the letter zha in its name. Did they observed people using totally new pronunciation and used it to name Tamil?
And People are talking about using only Tamil instead of English. Are they afraid of English? If Tamil is so great, why are they afraid? And they are very much against Hindi and ruined the chance of learning Hindi for many Tamil students! Just to make sure that no one else rule Tamilnadu they speak a lot of rubbish like this.
What ever be it we are being ruled by talented Kannadigas(who are not giving us water - according to them)!!!
If you want us to realise the greatness of Tamil, allow us to learn other languages. Howcome you decide that Tamil is better?

People are not living for the benefit of Languages, It's Languages that exist for the benefit of People.

Beta... What does it mean?

The Beta game played by google... What does it mean to us? Will it make us all loyal and bound to its services and suddenly make its official release with service charges? Or is it trying to enter our desktop through WWW and capture us from the hold of Microsoft? Or is it trying to position itself as the No.1 Internet company by pushing Yahoo down the ladder ? Or will it create new market leaving all others, the MS, Yahoo, et al in tact?
Why it didn't come with a linux version for its messenger Google Talk or other softwares say Google Earth?
So are we going to have a monopoly of Google somewhere in the near future? The thought itself is threatening! See the importance I'm giving to google by the number of articles I have posted on it.

24 August 2005

google again - beta forever

It is time for Google Talk... The google version of messenger but ofcourse as usual beta!
Their mail service has the best UI. Will its talk be of same quality?
But the mania is spreading so fast... everyone wants to try it!
I have a doubt will Google rename its search service as Google Search BETA?

Does Talk provide Conference facility?
Why not a client for linux, win 98,...? you can use other linux clients but cant talk only text!

01 August 2005

Funniest Indians in the world

Media keeps on shouting Narain Karthikeyan as "The Fastest Indian in the World"
Is there any other Fastest Indian in the Moon or Sun or Saturn or something like that ??
It is ok to call him the Fastest man in India or call Schumi the fastest man in the World...

So I have planned to call myself, Nikanth Karthikesan as the Fastest 'SIDCO Nagar, 6th Roadian' in the World.
Or even better the Strongest/Smartest/... Nikanth in the World. I am pretty sure there is no other nikanth in the world!

28 July 2005

Fast Forward

The life is moving very fast for me....
Just it feels like I joined NITT/RECT few days back, but went for convocation a week before. And now in a week will be going to campus along with the Recruitment team! Don't know might be I will be retiring from work tommorow or might be attending my grand daughters marriage the day after. Hope I will be alive till then :-)
Speed kills presence of mind... Whether you drive your vehicle or your life

call me king

I proclaim myself as King. But do you know why?
The King may not have much power but has powerfull friends and enemies who are ready to die for him. And more specially, King has a very powerfull queen! I love being loved and being hated but not being ignored.

19 July 2005

Google Earth

I downloaded and tried Google Earth recently.

There is no one to match Google when it comes to designing user friendly web interfaces with maximum functionality. This one just proves that point. Gmail's UI is way ahead of any other mail service.

But for me Google Earth now just looks like a 3D Map without Real-time data. One day real-time data with more precision might be available on Google earth or any leader in that service that time... So that we can check whether our cycle parked outside is safe through those satellite images. Wow let us hope we can be the james bond sooner


After landing in my first job at Novell, I was taxed by the tax planning. Tax planning, applying for PAN, Investment planning, etc... are the totally new things that I am doing. I have planned to invest based on the IT rules/laws for deductions... So is it deductions for investments or investments for deductions...

After a taxing period with induction, final semester project work, Report submission, viva-voce... I am waiting for final semester results... and will receive my degree on 22nd July 2005 on the first convocation of NITT... feels good to be part of the first convocation and receive the degree along with my seniors...

Waiting for a welcome relief...

29 June 2005


Shankar has lost his freedom of making varied movies as we expect it to be a grand one with a social message... But that leads to boredom

Usual Shankar Movies have characters with IQ above average i.e., the characters will do something brilliant and unexpected but we cant say so about Anniyan... except for the climax murder in train

Action scenes are great but not so pulse racing as we start observing the technical brilliance and wont be praying for something to happen...

Though the film is above average, the audience wont be satisfied as we expect it to be the best... It is like we will be more than satisfied with Balaji scoring 20, 30 runs but wont be satisfied with sachin's 60, 70 runs

Songs again makes the slow first half even slower... But cant say whether A.R.Rahman could have done better... It is like the same shot played by sachin will be called as a brilliant improvisation where as if harbhajan plays it, it will be looked as a funny non-cricketing unorthodox shot.
[people should be judged by the work they do but often work is judged by the people who did it]

And Shankar made use of the feelings we had against corruption in Indian, Mudhalvan,... which helped to increase our involvement, but in this he makes us the villain which we cant digest...

Killing people for silly reasons... Hey he is not doing it when he is in his senses... It is done by a Psycho... But we dont feel so while watching and just feel that punishing people for no great crime is not correct... This is the biggest failure of the director

நமக்கு பிடிக்காதவர்களை கொலை செய்தார் இந்தியன்,
நம்மையே கொல்ல வ௫கிறார் அந்நியன்...

06 June 2005


I came across the following joke recently
joke #1: 2 sardars were playing chess
It has a sequel
joke #2: 2 more came and said lets play doubles
And I added one more to make it a trilogy
joke #3: Those who were playing replied, 'please wait for this game to end'

But why is that always sardars are targeted in jokes like these.......
I think it is just because of their turban!
nope it is not because it looks like a clown's hat or anything like that............
but in a group you can make sure that no sardar is present.

27 May 2005

Stop Ageing

There are 3 rules which will help you stop ageing. These rules are not called golden rules because 'Old is Gold' but these are young rules

Rule 1: Work with younger people
By working with younger people you become one of them

Rule 2: Work with elder people
By working with older people you will always be the youngest and your mind will think that you are young

Rule 3: Work with people of same age
Working with people of same age makes you forget about age at all

Applying all the 3 rules of avoiding ageing just forget about your age, play with kids, peers, grannies... , you will avoid ageing totally. And one day you might die as a young person itself.

Till I was only a student I used to play, work, ... mostly with people of my same age. But the day I entered the corporate world I have to work with seniors. And as most of my friends have stopped playing I started playing with people much younger than me,... which made me little uneasy. Later I discovered the above 3 rules.....

24 May 2005

A story from the past

Where am I?

One fine morning I was standing in the balcony of my apartment in the second floor. It was unusually very cold and breezy. Children were playing in front of the apartment. Suddenly I saw a police jeep chasing a 20 year old. The jeep stopped and the police man aimed the gun at him. Suddenly to no ones expectation that youth grabbed hold of sameera, the 5 year old girl who lives in the ground floor. He was holding a knife to her neck. Without thinking about anything I threw the flower pot on his head. And he fainted. I rushed down to see what happened. Suddenly a TV crew appeared from nowhere. Unfortunately he died. Later I found that it was a shooting for a program called candid camera.

Now what will happen to me. It depends on where am I?
If I am in US of A, The TV company might be paying me for the stress that I have undergone because of them. If I am in UK, the TV show might be banned. If I am in India there are two cases which are possible. If the TV company belongs to the opposition party, The TV show will be banned and the channel might be asked to pay me and the chap who died. If the TV channel belongs to the ruling party I might be put in jail and would have to pay them for my foolish act.

I wrote this couple of years back in college and still it is in my memory if not to the finer details. This is just a memory check.

17 May 2005

Cant Cheat

In my office there is a weekly quiz for which we can mail our answers. The first person with the top score will get to set next weeks quiz and so on. My friend is the topper of the first quiz for the next quarter. I asked him if he could give the answers before the questions were published, I could mail them as soon as questions are published and I could set the questions nexttime. And I could give him the answers so he tops next week and so on. As gift vouchers worth 750 bucks awaits the winner and 500 bucks for the person coming second. But that cheat cheated me and didnt agree for my plan!
Do you think it is his honesty that stopped him! Think again, I feel it is his confidence that he can win without cheating!
So Being confident makes one Honest and Being Honest makes you confident
Honesty is the best policy

11 May 2005

The Best

The Second Best

Always Be the second best
if on top will know not
where to go
if so deep
cannot keep at to get up

nature uncomparable
nothing is better
nothing is worse

feeling on top
not knowing where to go next
stagnant in an endless journey
the river should flow
or will smell foul

be the best
trying to be the best
the second best is the best

feeling so deep
tired of the undone work
upset still
the earth should rotate
or will disintegrate

be the best
trying to be the best
the second best is the best

all should grow
one step at a time
or will go to grave
the moment it is born

the best of the best
the second best
will not make you the best
will keep you the best

I am ranked second in my class, which motivated me to write this. I feel that anything can be defended, you can even defend that nothing can be defended.


This door will let you enter my head and have a nice time!!!