27 October 2005

Fragile World

We blame nature for its unforgiving atrocity. But who built the world so fragile that it breaks even after moderate rain. Is science/man not developed enough? Though we know rains, cyclones and tremors are very much possible, we don't provide space for them, when we build cities/buildings. So when those relatives visit us, everything breaks. Why cant we build broad roads with proper drainage systems, no crossings at all(flyovers can do), etc... Why cant we build short buildings with design strong enough to accommodate one of our biggest relative, say a 10 Richter quake or a 500cm rain or a 100 miles tornado?

But it is very important for a Bangalorean to go through this experience of Rain affected Traffic congestion, so as to make him feel to be in heaven when he has to live with the regular unacceptable and normally intolerable traffic congestion.

Though I suggest flyovers, they are vulnerable - I agree. Especially Hosur Road it's enough just to join the service lanes with the main road, so that the unnecessary chaos caused by artificial load-balancing and the space wasted for the sewage system which never helped during the rains could be put to use.

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