29 June 2005


Shankar has lost his freedom of making varied movies as we expect it to be a grand one with a social message... But that leads to boredom

Usual Shankar Movies have characters with IQ above average i.e., the characters will do something brilliant and unexpected but we cant say so about Anniyan... except for the climax murder in train

Action scenes are great but not so pulse racing as we start observing the technical brilliance and wont be praying for something to happen...

Though the film is above average, the audience wont be satisfied as we expect it to be the best... It is like we will be more than satisfied with Balaji scoring 20, 30 runs but wont be satisfied with sachin's 60, 70 runs

Songs again makes the slow first half even slower... But cant say whether A.R.Rahman could have done better... It is like the same shot played by sachin will be called as a brilliant improvisation where as if harbhajan plays it, it will be looked as a funny non-cricketing unorthodox shot.
[people should be judged by the work they do but often work is judged by the people who did it]

And Shankar made use of the feelings we had against corruption in Indian, Mudhalvan,... which helped to increase our involvement, but in this he makes us the villain which we cant digest...

Killing people for silly reasons... Hey he is not doing it when he is in his senses... It is done by a Psycho... But we dont feel so while watching and just feel that punishing people for no great crime is not correct... This is the biggest failure of the director

நமக்கு பிடிக்காதவர்களை கொலை செய்தார் இந்தியன்,
நம்மையே கொல்ல வ௫கிறார் அந்நியன்...

06 June 2005


I came across the following joke recently
joke #1: 2 sardars were playing chess
It has a sequel
joke #2: 2 more came and said lets play doubles
And I added one more to make it a trilogy
joke #3: Those who were playing replied, 'please wait for this game to end'

But why is that always sardars are targeted in jokes like these.......
I think it is just because of their turban!
nope it is not because it looks like a clown's hat or anything like that............
but in a group you can make sure that no sardar is present.