27 October 2009


2030 AD. For the GWUN project sponsored by UN, 8700000 instances of the distributed GWUN clients are running busily on Linux Servers.

The global warming has already had a huge effect on the earth. And it seemed to be getting worse in the last 2 years. The poles were melting, sea-level rose, many countries have sub-merged in the sea and the life on earth was fast reducing.

The goal of the GWUN project is to compute the top reasons for global warming and the ways to protect life on earth. The scientists were eager to know the results. The situation was getting worser by the day. Huge corporations around the world sponsored more nodes for the project to speed it up. After busily computing for 27 months, the results were ready.

GWUN result: GWUN project machines were hosted at the Poles, to reduce the power consumption required for cooling those machines. Reducing power consumption was considered as a key factor to prevent global warming. But that released heat directly in the polar region of the earth. If the same amount of heat was released in an already warmer place, the earth's atmosphere would have managed to release/absorb the energy and the polar ice wouldn't have melted.

Beware of Glogle warming. Unknown preventive measures could be the real culprits.