30 August 2005

Who named Tamil, Thamizh?

To my knowledge(I do have some!) a region, country will be named by others and not by the natives. For example we didn't name India as India but the Moghuls, like other residents who lived to the west of the Indian sub-continent named India as ‘Hind’ or ‘Hindustan’, after the river Indus which flows in the present day Pakistan. The language spoken in ‘Hind’ was called by them Hindi or Hindustani.
So as long as some other language exist and we come to know about it, language won't have a name. If tamil is a great language whose origin cannot be traced and the only language that possess the special zha(la-), are the tamilians so intelligent to give their language a name? If someone else named Tamil, how did they use the letter zha in its name. Did they observed people using totally new pronunciation and used it to name Tamil?
And People are talking about using only Tamil instead of English. Are they afraid of English? If Tamil is so great, why are they afraid? And they are very much against Hindi and ruined the chance of learning Hindi for many Tamil students! Just to make sure that no one else rule Tamilnadu they speak a lot of rubbish like this.
What ever be it we are being ruled by talented Kannadigas(who are not giving us water - according to them)!!!
If you want us to realise the greatness of Tamil, allow us to learn other languages. Howcome you decide that Tamil is better?

People are not living for the benefit of Languages, It's Languages that exist for the benefit of People.

Beta... What does it mean?

The Beta game played by google... What does it mean to us? Will it make us all loyal and bound to its services and suddenly make its official release with service charges? Or is it trying to enter our desktop through WWW and capture us from the hold of Microsoft? Or is it trying to position itself as the No.1 Internet company by pushing Yahoo down the ladder ? Or will it create new market leaving all others, the MS, Yahoo, et al in tact?
Why it didn't come with a linux version for its messenger Google Talk or other softwares say Google Earth?
So are we going to have a monopoly of Google somewhere in the near future? The thought itself is threatening! See the importance I'm giving to google by the number of articles I have posted on it.

24 August 2005

google again - beta forever

It is time for Google Talk... The google version of messenger but ofcourse as usual beta!
Their mail service has the best UI. Will its talk be of same quality?
But the mania is spreading so fast... everyone wants to try it!
I have a doubt will Google rename its search service as Google Search BETA?

Does Talk provide Conference facility?
Why not a client for linux, win 98,...? you can use other linux clients but cant talk only text!

01 August 2005

Funniest Indians in the world

Media keeps on shouting Narain Karthikeyan as "The Fastest Indian in the World"
Is there any other Fastest Indian in the Moon or Sun or Saturn or something like that ??
It is ok to call him the Fastest man in India or call Schumi the fastest man in the World...

So I have planned to call myself, Nikanth Karthikesan as the Fastest 'SIDCO Nagar, 6th Roadian' in the World.
Or even better the Strongest/Smartest/... Nikanth in the World. I am pretty sure there is no other nikanth in the world!