12 September 2005

Totti Jaya

Simbu is back but controlled by someone else. A nice journey I enjoyed... It's a good one from Simbu... He has made a loud appeal... But will the verdict be on his side. To me it looks plumb, hits middle and off. Now I am waiting for his next Bouncer, Vallavan.

Meanwhile S J Surya, this unorthodox Night-watchman is trying to become a regular batsman. The ball hasn't reached Bangalore this week. I would like to have a look at this Douglas Marillier as soon as he plays in B'lore.


santosh said...

It is pretty bad to remove the comment from one's blog if you know what I mean.

vallavan manmadhan said...

Hey santosh...
I have enabled anonymous comments...anyone can post a comment without logging in... so spammers are posting there contents/adverisements as comments, which I have deleted. Any probs?? Isn't it better than disallowing anonymous comments alltogether?