15 December 2005


Ganguly axed... And you are worried and angry over the selectors, coach etc... But wait you are watching only the highest level in the domain of cricket. But there are so many fields and at all levels these type of things are happenning. So am I asking you to calm down and concentrate on work? Anniyan might kill me if I do that.
So what to do for that? No... we cant punish the national selectors. We dont have enough rights for that. We ourselves act as selectors at our own field at our level. A manager might dump his team member he dont like or promote a jaalra/supporter. So what ever you are, dont make life harder for the gangulys working with you.
Survival of the fittest. So is it better to be a jaalra of those big shots to live comfortably? My grey matter says so, but my heart never allows me to do that. I like to fight it out with those who are on top of me!
ops! my manager is on the way... you know my manger is the best manager I have seen in my whole career as a software pro. Hi Boss...


Hazardous waste materials produced by the IT industry are known as eWaste and the whole world is exploring ways to dump them or recycle them safely. They are looking only at the hardware.
But there are softwares which are obsolete, so a waste material(material?!) and if not cleaned up properly might be hazardous and it is produced by the IT industry. Atleast this gives more work for IT professionals(sweepers/Debuggers-maintenance)...
But there are IT professionals themselves who havent updated their skills and they themselves are hazardous waste material produced by the IT industry... I will be one of them soon. What to do with them?

14 December 2005

Dowry, a misconception

Many educated people think dowry as unethical. But is it really bad?
After marriage either the bride or groom need to shift his/her place. And it was decided that girl will shift as a protocol. Probably because they can adapt easily and boys are very soft by nature. So their share in the inherited wealth of his/her parents needs to be passed on to them. So the girl takes her share in the name of "dowry".
So there is nothing wrong with dowry but it is not something that should be demanded etc.. and it should be the bride's share from her parents inherited(earned?! its the earner's wish) wealth. It need not be equal to the groom's share of wealth or status.
girls wealth + something else = boy's wealth + something else
that something else could be(and should be) something so great that wealth is negligible in this equation

Dowry which was a right of women to get her share of wealth, which was empowering women, considering them on par with men, but sadly has become a villain in many women's life. How does that happen? If you need more money, marry a rich girl who has more share('dowry'). But I doubt whether she will be ready to marry a poor chap. Dont marry a girl who is ready to marry you but poor and torture her for more. And it is her wealth and not yours. It is up to her to decide how to spend it.

So do I endorse dowry? I do! But does that mean I do expect dowry? Not at all!

12 December 2005

Money counts?!?!

What will happen if every one has an infinite source of money available to them? People can buy whatever they want? So money won't have its worth and what will be the purpose of everyones life? Wont that be to get the affection and love of others? As everything else money can buy? And people will love others or atleast feel jealous of other people who have qualities or skills which money can't buy, such as intelligence, voice, beauty(should come first?), sporting talents, artistic skills suc as painting etc...
But all this cant happen ,as if money is available for everyone, no one will work to produce goods for others... will those big corporations and government funtion? but wont they work for mutual benefit? But that will bring back the concept of money :-( So its impossible to reach such a situation
But I wonder will those people born with silver spoon be of that kind? Always searching for love and affection... I would love to live such a life. But Its is pathetic to see some of those gifted people satisfying their life with drugs,... the uglier alternatives. So they take their life concentrated whether its good or bad as we the normal takes a bit of everything... thats very cool... too much of anything is good for nothing.

Is he selfish?

Gautam Gambhir, the young batsmen with his golden oppurtunity to cement his place in the Team India. He got out cheaply in the first innings. But wont he feel happy to see Team India being cheaply dismissed in the first innings, so that he will get to bat again... another chance to get on board! Isnt he selfish? What would be your mindset in such a situation? I would be _____ !

Am I a cynic ?

05 December 2005

Which Area are you from?

In Tamilnadu, especially chennai... Now people dont ask you the Area you are from but the Aree(Yeri i.e., tank) you belong to!
That is the situation there, fully flooded. My sweet little home had a swimming pool this saturday when I was there...

There were days, when I was young I pray for rains which translates to me as leaves... And later as increase in the level of water table, But now... ops. Anything that exceeds the limit is poisonous, Even if its the elixir of life

How about the contrary, poison in traces is elixir of life? I believe it is also true.