05 October 2005

Caught in a Rumor?

If you are the chewing gum in the teeth of people, does it necesarily mean you are a ViP? Not neccesarily! I was caught in such a rumor among my classmates, not once but many a times. Always I feel that it was done to cause harm to someone else and I get harmed in the process. And in the end I become notorious(famous?) too.

Its like if Sachin is rumored to have nexus with a bookie/bar dancer/..., I have been in that book makers role too often. But when will the day come for me to be the maestro myself?


Selva said...

These are mostly one-way. A gossip has mostly been on demoralizing grounds. I've at least never come across a "good" gossip about someone. If that makes you happy/proud enough...you want me to help?! ;)

vallavan manmadhan said...

If someone wants to demoralize you......it means that you are on a high

Anonymous said...

If sachin is rumoured to link with bar dancer, what is your role? Agent(Mama)???