08 February 2010


மாதமிருமுறை முதல்வருக்கு பாராட்டு விழா எடுத்து, சன் டிவி மற்றும் கலைஞர் டிவிக்கு ப்ரோக்ராம் செய்து தரும் அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி.

save what?

World always admires great marketing shows, and we need at least one of them to be at prime, always. Of late it was the fruit seller's job to amuse the crowd. His show has made people go nuts and buy whatever he sells for a premium. But his last show missed his magic. I guess, if he had continued for some more time, people might have even booed at him. Looks like he has aged and we need a new face.

Last years NaN I/O show had an amazing presentation that created a tsunami(beta). But the buzz could not keep up. A key difference between the fruit buzz and the spider's buzz is that, those who were blindfolded by the fruit seller had committed by purchasing the crap and so they continue to cheat themselves and others by spreading good things about the iFruits. But those were caught on the spiders net were not really trapped yet and wont look like fools by admitting that the tsunami(beta) is indeed crap. But initially spider's signature idea of making one feel privileged and proud to have access to tsunami(beta) was quiet a success.

When sellers run-out of ways to excite the crowd, to sell their crap, they try to capitalize on patriotism, morality etc.. IOW attack our low EQ. They would help us save the mars, the jupiter, the sun, the ant, the rat, etc.. so that one can feel proud buying their crap. As many of them are already helping us to paint the earth pink or whatever color we like, one is unable to kindle the excitement with that anymore.

But recently a little known, once locally popular, watermolecule is able to make use of us to advertise for them, by igniting our feeling to save our cat and in process pride of our nation. Most of us don't even know that the no of cats left quoted by watermolecule is from an estimate from 2008. And by signing and repurring their message we feel that we can save the cat, but in the process we are just working for free for watermolecule. Todays educated people, like us think, that we can boil the ocean by writing "FIRE" on our amateurfile picture and sharing it on the ass-book.

I really wonder what needs to be done to make us non-idiots and not to fall for these tricks. Formal education and experiencing many successful nations is not enough, it seems. But I do admire those on the biz, who are able to come up with ways to exploit us. If you have read till this line, I think you surely are one of those who is likely to fall prey to such marketeers. BTW this post just for fun and may not reflect even my opinion.