22 April 2008

Living in the past

August 14, 2003
Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz : Rs 38,000

Jan 2004:
PlayStation 2 : Rs. 15,990

Feb 2005:
iPod shuffle (1GB): Rs 12,400

Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz : Rs.2699.00
PlayStation 2 : Rs. 6,990
iPod shuffle (1GB): Rs. 2,700

Yeah but today we have core2duo, iPhone, Playstation 3, right???? If we are prepared to live in the past(which is not so far behind considering the pace of gadgets evolution) the price comes down manifold, IOW if we want to be on the bleeding-edge, we need to pay more:(

So If you are a consumer, better live in the past and if you are a business, then try to lead the race, to charge a premium from your customers. BTW why all this rant? Bought a PS2 :-)

BUT PS2 doesnt feel like a gadget of the past. It might be good enough if you do not have a HDTV, for SDTV it is good enough(gr8). The first game I bought is "God of War 2". Though I hate both the God and War, I like God of War 2. I usually play driving sims and split-screen racers. But I got GOW2 just coz Gran Turismo & Burnout were not available at that Sony world.