12 December 2005

Money counts?!?!

What will happen if every one has an infinite source of money available to them? People can buy whatever they want? So money won't have its worth and what will be the purpose of everyones life? Wont that be to get the affection and love of others? As everything else money can buy? And people will love others or atleast feel jealous of other people who have qualities or skills which money can't buy, such as intelligence, voice, beauty(should come first?), sporting talents, artistic skills suc as painting etc...
But all this cant happen ,as if money is available for everyone, no one will work to produce goods for others... will those big corporations and government funtion? but wont they work for mutual benefit? But that will bring back the concept of money :-( So its impossible to reach such a situation
But I wonder will those people born with silver spoon be of that kind? Always searching for love and affection... I would love to live such a life. But Its is pathetic to see some of those gifted people satisfying their life with drugs,... the uglier alternatives. So they take their life concentrated whether its good or bad as we the normal takes a bit of everything... thats very cool... too much of anything is good for nothing.

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