26 November 2008

Workout that worked out

I have been toying around with this idea of gathering disk access patterns and using device mapper to fool the filesystem to improve I/O performance. And did try this idea out in a limited fashion. I did a workout session to improve upon this work in foss.in. Despite a cricket match being scheduled on that day, people did turn up. We discussed, hacked together and made friends, which was fun. It was cool to see some well-known kernel hackers turn up for the session and were actively involved. And I also should thank some of colleagues who also participated and helped me through out the session.

We improved the performance, found bugs... it was cool. Now really looking forward for the upcoming much more interesting sessions especially the Linux Kernel Hackers Gathering and the Linux Kernel Workout. You can see the plan and results in the links. Thanks for whoever attended the session and the organizers.

20 November 2008

Invention versus discovery

When I was a kid ( I am not a kid ), I used to think there is little value for discoveries as it is just unraveling what was already present and had a fascination for inventions. But of late, I feel that understanding the behavior or properties of everything is the root knowledge and inventions are just few applications of that knowledge.

p.s: Side-effect of reading "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. Do not worry, if my thoughts are wrong or rude, it keeps changing.

12 November 2008

Advt - acting or interview?

There is an advertisement for Tata Indicom featuring Soundarya Rajnikanth where she says that she though being an actor's daughter, she pursued her dreams and works behind the scenes rather than becoming an actor following her father. But if this appearance on advertisement is considered as acting it becomes a lie (lies are not bad here as it is just acting). Or should it be considered as an interview. To me her "acting" was not up to the mark ;(

05 November 2008

Different Era

Feels bad to see my childhood photographs in B/W. Am I from a different era?

Dont stop the evolution

I was chatting with my friend and the conversation was about evolution of mankind and survival of the fittest. The point was that, now-a-days even the not so fit or unfit people are also able to survive because of advancement of science(which has other effects like over population as well). To continue to evolve we should let the life to be challenging, so we should try to make the holes in the ozone layer bigger and not try to prevent it. ;-) That would make us evolve in to a creature which wont be affected by UV rays...