24 May 2005

A story from the past

Where am I?

One fine morning I was standing in the balcony of my apartment in the second floor. It was unusually very cold and breezy. Children were playing in front of the apartment. Suddenly I saw a police jeep chasing a 20 year old. The jeep stopped and the police man aimed the gun at him. Suddenly to no ones expectation that youth grabbed hold of sameera, the 5 year old girl who lives in the ground floor. He was holding a knife to her neck. Without thinking about anything I threw the flower pot on his head. And he fainted. I rushed down to see what happened. Suddenly a TV crew appeared from nowhere. Unfortunately he died. Later I found that it was a shooting for a program called candid camera.

Now what will happen to me. It depends on where am I?
If I am in US of A, The TV company might be paying me for the stress that I have undergone because of them. If I am in UK, the TV show might be banned. If I am in India there are two cases which are possible. If the TV company belongs to the opposition party, The TV show will be banned and the channel might be asked to pay me and the chap who died. If the TV channel belongs to the ruling party I might be put in jail and would have to pay them for my foolish act.

I wrote this couple of years back in college and still it is in my memory if not to the finer details. This is just a memory check.

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