12 July 2006


First it was AGNI III... not so damaging... Next it was GSLV+INSAT.... very much upset... next it is Mumbai Trains... Totally depressed... what next? afraid... fear and tears

Does the next moment of sorrow cures the pain of the previous one? or adds to it? The media acts as if it erases the older one... :-( Now the reservation issues looks ridiculous... So if you are running for life... you forget about the lesser ones

Lets us hope that we will be in a state where we fight for even more ridiculous issues

06 July 2006

XBOX 360

Last sunday(2 July 2006) I had a chance to play on an XBOX 360 much before its launch in India. :-) And today I got free passes to SKOAR 2006 Gaming expo from my office but cant go as I am going to Madras this weekend:-(

The XBOX 360 felt good except for the price. The game was FIFA. BTW this is the first time I am playing a current gen machine. I was a owner of a 8-bit gaming machine. But I play lot of games on my PC which has a decent Nvidia GeForce MX440 on it. I have played the FIFA on it as well. The XBOX version seems to be more comforatable just because of the controller which I could add to my PC