25 August 2007

do not buy

'We don't need Reliance'

Dr S Ramadoss, the Pattal Makkal Katchi leader, is spearheading the opposition to Reliance Fresh on the ground that it will break the backbone of the rural economy in the southern state.

if you do not want their shops... do not buy... but you cannot tell them not to sell... this is a democratic country I believe...
Those people are one of the top tax payers in the country... a large percentage of public projects are dependent on their money... we should support them...
these small shops do not even file returns:(

24 August 2007

Laws are made by the people, for the people

HC acquits Soren in murder case
NEW DELHI, Aug 22 – Former Union Minister and JMM leader Shibu Soren was today acquitted in the 14-year-old murder case of his private secretary Shashi Nath Jha by the Delhi High Court which held that CBI “miserably” failed to prove its case

They cannot punish someone because, he is not proved guilty. If someone is not proved to be guilty, how can they make statements like "CBI failed to prove", which means that they know he is guilty. If they know he is guilty they should have punished him. If they are not sure that someone is guilty how can they blame CBI for not proving him as guilty - very funny but sad...

Rules and Laws may not be perfect or even correct as they themselves are made by our ancestors, who surely did not have the intelligence as we do have or gen-next will have. In fact some cunning old politicians want to enforce dumb old rules even now... think laws on reservation/quota here ;)

01 August 2007

India united

If Tamilnadu and Karnataka were a single state and every one spoke the same language, and if there was one government what would be the solution to the Cauvery problem?
My guess: FCFS?! People in the front of the queue would be fed and whatever remains only will flow to the tail of the queue. Let us go with that solution.

We are being divided and ruled :-(