16 June 2008

10 incarnations

Watched Kamalhasan's Dasavataram and enjoyed it. Only the protagonist looks like Kamal, they could have used 9 other actors for the other 9 avatars. I mean to say that I enjoyed the screenplay except the 12th century scenes are not related to the story,(James bond/high-tech + Ramanarayanan do not gel well) and it is also unreal (bad acting, very neat and clean crowd etc). I never got the feeling of awkward camera to show more than one Kamal in a single frame! But make-up sometimes doesn't fit well at some scenes. Some drops i liked

* Bush: can we drop an atomic bomb over the bio-hazard to prevent it from spreading?
* Fletcher(US) to Japanese: remember Hiroshima? Japanese: Remember pearl harbour?
* Showing that the monkey knows to press the keys first and later showing it use the passwords
* Balram Naidu's (Telugu) preference for Telugu over Tamil & Tamil over English.
* Tamil kamal on speaking in English instead of Tamil to the Telugu guy: "Some people from Andhra who learned Tamil will save Tamil"
* "It would be nice if God was true" ==> ?
* Somewhat forced God versus[why is this always versus ;)] science discussion
* Media declaring Asin as Girlfriend of the US Scientist [anyway it becomes true later]
* Is luck == god? People forced into mosque for investigation are saved from tsunami, tsunami saves more people by killing a fraction of them...
* I have the same sane ideas as of the protagonist, so I like it more :-)

What about you? Liked it?