17 May 2005

Cant Cheat

In my office there is a weekly quiz for which we can mail our answers. The first person with the top score will get to set next weeks quiz and so on. My friend is the topper of the first quiz for the next quarter. I asked him if he could give the answers before the questions were published, I could mail them as soon as questions are published and I could set the questions nexttime. And I could give him the answers so he tops next week and so on. As gift vouchers worth 750 bucks awaits the winner and 500 bucks for the person coming second. But that cheat cheated me and didnt agree for my plan!
Do you think it is his honesty that stopped him! Think again, I feel it is his confidence that he can win without cheating!
So Being confident makes one Honest and Being Honest makes you confident
Honesty is the best policy

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