04 October 2007


Democracy - Do what the majority wants?

In case of Sethu Samuthiram Canal Project, as an atheist and a strong believer of science I want the project/society to progress. But the majority treats it as an ego problem of the Hindus. As long as the majority does not want to go ahead with the project no one should force it... No one is dying without this project. But Karuna is hosting his Drama! :-( In fact everyone knows that providing TVs with taxpayer's money is injustice, but the majority voted for it.(Assuming no malpractice in the election) It is time for him to shut-up and listen to people of India.

At best he can try to convince the majority, good luck Karuna. I will give it a try now.

If Rama existed, he is a man and not God. If he did not exist, then he did not build it. Also even if he was God and built it, what is the problem with removing it? Is anyone using the bridge(?) now? If he built it and needs the, let them build it again after we dig it? after all he is the GOD

Assuming God built the Earth, we dig it to build buildings, lay cables etc...?

Gandhi Jayanthi

Forcing people not to eat(sell) meat and consume liquor is itself against Gandhian principle and democracy. It is also some form of violence. The people should themselves restrain from those if they respect Gandhi__ji__.

The history book says that Gandhiji got us the freedom, but in reality he took away my freedom to get drunk on Oct 2 ;-)