14 December 2005

Dowry, a misconception

Many educated people think dowry as unethical. But is it really bad?
After marriage either the bride or groom need to shift his/her place. And it was decided that girl will shift as a protocol. Probably because they can adapt easily and boys are very soft by nature. So their share in the inherited wealth of his/her parents needs to be passed on to them. So the girl takes her share in the name of "dowry".
So there is nothing wrong with dowry but it is not something that should be demanded etc.. and it should be the bride's share from her parents inherited(earned?! its the earner's wish) wealth. It need not be equal to the groom's share of wealth or status.
girls wealth + something else = boy's wealth + something else
that something else could be(and should be) something so great that wealth is negligible in this equation

Dowry which was a right of women to get her share of wealth, which was empowering women, considering them on par with men, but sadly has become a villain in many women's life. How does that happen? If you need more money, marry a rich girl who has more share('dowry'). But I doubt whether she will be ready to marry a poor chap. Dont marry a girl who is ready to marry you but poor and torture her for more. And it is her wealth and not yours. It is up to her to decide how to spend it.

So do I endorse dowry? I do! But does that mean I do expect dowry? Not at all!

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