25 August 2006

Who owns the moon?

If man makes moon fit for living or man evolves to be compatible with moon... who will own the moon. will the countries get proportional space on it based on the population/money/power/land size on earth? Will there be nations which are moon only? will there be a war between countries in the moon and the countries on earth?

Will there be Passports and visas between them? Will there be films where the girl belongs to the Moon and his lover is from earth?

Even if land is shared between nations or owned by a nation, how will the people divide them. Will everything be owned by the government or alloated by Karunanithi's grand grand son to the citizens? Will there be quotas for SC/STs and OBCs for land on moon?

12 July 2006


First it was AGNI III... not so damaging... Next it was GSLV+INSAT.... very much upset... next it is Mumbai Trains... Totally depressed... what next? afraid... fear and tears

Does the next moment of sorrow cures the pain of the previous one? or adds to it? The media acts as if it erases the older one... :-( Now the reservation issues looks ridiculous... So if you are running for life... you forget about the lesser ones

Lets us hope that we will be in a state where we fight for even more ridiculous issues

06 July 2006

XBOX 360

Last sunday(2 July 2006) I had a chance to play on an XBOX 360 much before its launch in India. :-) And today I got free passes to SKOAR 2006 Gaming expo from my office but cant go as I am going to Madras this weekend:-(

The XBOX 360 felt good except for the price. The game was FIFA. BTW this is the first time I am playing a current gen machine. I was a owner of a 8-bit gaming machine. But I play lot of games on my PC which has a decent Nvidia GeForce MX440 on it. I have played the FIFA on it as well. The XBOX version seems to be more comforatable just because of the controller which I could add to my PC

01 June 2006


No Quota -> No Caste -> No cheap Politics

Why not give reservation in Buses also....
30% of seats are reserved for OBCs
20% for SC/STs
and remaining 50% again its open competition where SC/ST and OBC's will take lions share

It killed my patriotic feelings for the country. It feels as if we are not a single nation but 3,4 groups just sharing resources

08 May 2006


Rotation the answer to burnout, says Dhoni

Why should one rotate players and prolong their careers? Let them burnout and let us use new people after that? ???? (Will affect team composition etc....)!!!! < fine isnt it?

18 April 2006


Rajkumar passed away - got me an additional holiday.
But didnt make my life easier. I cant figure out why people are asked not to do usual business. If those people are interested in observing @$%@% let them do it. Why do force others who dont even know the person who died?
I had booked my ticket to chennai for thursday night train. So I wasted a day on bangalore. And even on thursday it became a nghtmare to reach the railway station from BTM. No buses.. so walked till Silk-board junction, go a bus. The conductor yelled majestic. I boarded with literally hundreds of people and from everyone he took Rs.10 for Rs.8 tickets and marked 2 on all tickets. Then he stopped the bus on midway to make sure everyone has got a ticket. then the bus went without stopping inthe next 2 stoppings and finally halted in Double-road and said thats it...it wont go to majestic.. and the conductor was not ready to pay the change itself dont thing of any refund... Autos were rare and which ever went was full.. so started walking and walked to majestic -good exercise

Bangalore looked deserted that gave me an idea of how beautiful this city would have been a decade ago... Now I am awaiting the mail which will ask me to come to office on a weekend as compensation... Thankyou Rajkumar fans. BTW I would like to know in which way he changed your lives?

07 April 2006

Creative Innovation - Innovative Creativity

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."
-Theodore Levitt

But all this can be result of simple crossovers and mutations - there could be nothing out of the box. Do you agree?

But everything should be possible just by modifying the existing/known things - Or is there something totally out of the loop?

28 March 2006

Boo..chin Endulkar

One of my most admired hero... the fall has started...

It is one's pride, if his record is broken after his retirement! But Ponting is fast approaching Sachin's record...If Ponting breaks sachin's record when he is still playing, it is !$!$%!%^@$%#!@

I strongly believe that each and every match is important and the best possible 11 should be fielded... Why cant the selection process be automated based on ranking the players? And please please make sure even if it is sachin or yuvi, they should play local matches before jumping in to internationals when returning from an injury

15 March 2006

Google Penetrates

Now the GMail beta features sponsored links, a revenue generator....
Can Beta services generate revenue????
It looks like google's max revenue will be through advts in its webpages...
Sure web is becoming like a TV channel and Google is the Prime channel

People who curse successful business men for being monopolies, are you guys ready with any anti-google law? Oh, may be you will wait till it becomes the leader...

But I feel like MS and Google are in different business and both are leaders in their respective ones!

09 March 2006


It looks like Kaif and Laxman are the next 2 in BCCI/chappell's hitlist.
Dropped after scoring a match saving(it is) inning's will break anyone's heart. And giving his place for yuvi returning from injury, defies any logic.

Why is that yuvi still being a favourite of Team BCCI, even after the demise of his guardian, saurav? Why is BCCI targeting individuals? They escaped from the bad name with the help of Dhoni and Pathan's success. Had they failed, BCCI would have been in deep trouble. Failure in the sense, even just performing upto the expectaion. Hatsoff to them for exceeding the expectations. But dont know how long they can sustain that.

Why cant, Saurav, Kaif , Laxman, and all other talents in multiple levels affected by the BCCI start their own Indian team? say a ACCI - Academy for Cricket Controversies in India.

21 February 2006

Resisting the change

I resist changes... Though changes are the way of life. Evolution and improvement are the side-effects of change... I know changes are mostly for the good but dont know why I resist... may be the tamil saying - "The known devil is better than an unknown god", haunts me
In the past 8 months, I have worked under 4 Managers - dont know why they are running away from me... And I have been under the mental pressure of the possible lay-off!!!
Hopefully & Probably now I am mentally much stronger to take on this world with confidence and enthusism

09 February 2006

Business of sports

Sachin is respected as God, at best what can he do? Belt the leather ball some 60- 70 yards with his willow. But we all love that act more than a farmer who ploughs to make food for human-kind. He gets paid a megre amount for his work but these sporting heroes, film-heros etc who dont provide us with anything essential but just the pleasure gets a lumpsum

But What is the use of sports? Why are we attracted to that? What gives it this much of importance? ? ?
sports gets the importance mainly because its not that important!!!
We can loose but we are not ready to loose in reality... We can defeat somebody to get the pleasure... We can proove that we are the best...best in what? skill to fight for the control of a ball.. In essence it gives a way to shed the mental pressure... We learn to give less importance to the things that bothers us and get a free, lighter mind. The advantage of physical fitness is infact a positive side-effect...

In my office we had the annual sports meet last weekend and it was total fun... And the cricket tournament is in progress... It proved to me as an oppurtunity to know the people around me in the work-place and now I feel to have more friends around me... sports act as a catalyst in the teaming process

03 February 2006

My hero is changing track

Valentino Rossi is planning and trying to break into the F1... May be coz of the F1's strategies to pull crowd as it is loosing out because of new rules, schumie's fall, A1 etc I wish all success for Rossi with the additional wheels

18 January 2006

Local Tinsel

In my previous post I forgot to tell about the tamil thiruttu VCDs that I saw recently. The roll includes frames from ABCD, Kanda naal Mudhal, Sandaikozhi, Thavamai Thavamirunthu, Aaru, kasthuri maan, sivakasi, adhu oru kanaa kaalam etc... Might have missed some!!! Isnt it too many?! But I am already queueing up for the next string of pongal movies! I didnt like most of the masala gore with no comedy movies like aaru. Thavamai... and ABCD, are for the elders... but I dont know, I was able to enjoy them... so am I getting aged ops matured!

11 January 2006

Yearend fun

It was very relaxing and joy to go on a 9 day holiday to my hometown. I enjoyed it with LAN Parties and Animated Movies. It was fantastic watching the search for nemo, the ogre rescuing the princess, the ants fighting the caterpillars with the help of the circus bugs, and the second episode of the adventures of Andy's toys. It was also fantastic to experience the spectacular collision with my brother on a high speed Porsche, gunning down my friends and brothers in a very real tournament and building my army against a very weak men of my brother. The hangover didnt descend easily after coming back to routine. I was compelled to watch the adventures of the monster monkey.

Earlier Just before the end of the year had a oppurtunity to read the sherlock holmes way of finding the mystery behind the hounds of Baskerville. And now for the first time had an oppurtunity to experience John Grisham through his, 'The Summons'

I am telling all these just to explain what prevented me bloging for some time

10 January 2006

Reservations and quotas

If some one expects reservation or quota, isn't that accepting that they are inferior?
33% reservation for women does exactly that. If that happens women are inferior to men for sure.