06 April 2018

Seema’s unborn sister. - A short-story

Seema’s unborn sister. - A short-story

Beautiful Family: Mohan, Neha & Baby Seema

Two lovers, Mohan and Neha got married only after their parents allowed them to marry. It was a long struggle, to get their parents permission to get married. Neha gave birth to a healthy baby, Seema. The family also inherited lots of wealth. The family was well respected.

Mohan's Evil Sister: Thamarai

Mohan had an younger sister, Thamarai. Thamarai was young, cunning and scared of her parents. She never supported Mohan in his struggle to marry, Neha, just to be on the good books of her wealthy parents.

Thamarai was childless. Thamarai was jealous of her brother's wealth and happiness. Whenever the baby girl, Seema fell ill or failed/struggled in school, Thamarai would celebrate and blame that Mohan and Neha don't know, how to raise a child. Time flew. Seema did slightly above average in school. And managed to join JNU university for Bachelor's degree.

Accident: Young Seema lives with Aunt Thamarai

One day Mohan and Neha went to Goa, leaving Seema at home with Aunt Thamarai, for an urgent business trip. The flight Mohan and Neha took disappeared. All the passengers were presumed dead.
Seema became an orphan. Thamarai became guardian of Seema. Thamarai made Seema’s life hell. But Seema loved her aunt, as she had nobody else. Thamarai started taking money from Seema's wealth as expenses for taking care of her. Thamarai also took money from Seema’s wealth for her fertility treatment. Thamarai wanted to have a child of her own, and planned to use all the wealth for that child. She was undergoing artificial insemination, and got impregnated. And her mood swings due to pregnancy resulted in abuses and more household work for Seema.

Twist: Thamarai panics

Despite all that Seema completed her degree. There were rumors that the flight that disappeared had been hijacked 4 years ago, and the passengers are still alive.
Seema’s parents might actually be alive. Thamarai started panicking and prayed that her brother and sister-in-law, better be dead. She wanted the wealth for her own baby. Thamarai started claiming credit that she raised Seema very well and made her get a degree, while her parents were only able to get her finish schooling. And she cannot live without Seema. So even if Seema's parents were alive, she should manage the wealth and Seema herself, and not give back to Neha and Mohan.

Next chapter: Mystery

The next sequence of events is in our hands. Yes our hands. We have a role in this story. Mohan - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Neha - Nehru. Parents - British. Seema - Schemes. Thamarai - Lotus in Tamil. Unborn Sister - Hindutva.