17 November 2005

Interesting Life

I like to do different things...... look for variety, always

And thats what is I am getting in Life, variety......

I am with my third team reporting to a diff manager on a different project within a year... I have seen as many things possible in the recent past right from going with the interview team to campus, layoff, dummy candidate for interview process and questions refinement, first article(a tip about some commands) published, film, First salary, IT, savings, Rented house, Bangalore, employee, etc...

Hope I wont get bored of these constant changes and start longing for constantness.....

Haiku ??? pudhukavithaisssss

Haiku a form of poetry in Japanese, is not really the pudhukavithai form... It has lots of rules like 5-4-5 syllable units, a word expressing the season it represents etc... But its difficult if not impossible to follow them in Tamil, English,...and the season thing in India as it rains anytime and droughts are the norm. So we call anything thats rhyming and/or interesting as haiku which should be called as pudhukavithai actually.... But what is in the name as long as it serves its purpose.... interesting, time-pass, conveys some message, reveals interesting patterns of thought.

Let me try..... if you can't understand then just understand that its in a languange called Tamil but written using English script.

Nilavai thoda aasai pattaal thaan imayathaiyenum yetta mudiyumaam
athanaal thano thozh(l)i unnai virumbugiren,
oru ulagha azhagiyaavuthu kidaika maataalaa yenakku