18 April 2006


Rajkumar passed away - got me an additional holiday.
But didnt make my life easier. I cant figure out why people are asked not to do usual business. If those people are interested in observing @$%@% let them do it. Why do force others who dont even know the person who died?
I had booked my ticket to chennai for thursday night train. So I wasted a day on bangalore. And even on thursday it became a nghtmare to reach the railway station from BTM. No buses.. so walked till Silk-board junction, go a bus. The conductor yelled majestic. I boarded with literally hundreds of people and from everyone he took Rs.10 for Rs.8 tickets and marked 2 on all tickets. Then he stopped the bus on midway to make sure everyone has got a ticket. then the bus went without stopping inthe next 2 stoppings and finally halted in Double-road and said thats it...it wont go to majestic.. and the conductor was not ready to pay the change itself dont thing of any refund... Autos were rare and which ever went was full.. so started walking and walked to majestic -good exercise

Bangalore looked deserted that gave me an idea of how beautiful this city would have been a decade ago... Now I am awaiting the mail which will ask me to come to office on a weekend as compensation... Thankyou Rajkumar fans. BTW I would like to know in which way he changed your lives?

07 April 2006

Creative Innovation - Innovative Creativity

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."
-Theodore Levitt

But all this can be result of simple crossovers and mutations - there could be nothing out of the box. Do you agree?

But everything should be possible just by modifying the existing/known things - Or is there something totally out of the loop?