28 July 2005

Fast Forward

The life is moving very fast for me....
Just it feels like I joined NITT/RECT few days back, but went for convocation a week before. And now in a week will be going to campus along with the Recruitment team! Don't know might be I will be retiring from work tommorow or might be attending my grand daughters marriage the day after. Hope I will be alive till then :-)
Speed kills presence of mind... Whether you drive your vehicle or your life

call me king

I proclaim myself as King. But do you know why?
The King may not have much power but has powerfull friends and enemies who are ready to die for him. And more specially, King has a very powerfull queen! I love being loved and being hated but not being ignored.

19 July 2005

Google Earth

I downloaded and tried Google Earth recently.

There is no one to match Google when it comes to designing user friendly web interfaces with maximum functionality. This one just proves that point. Gmail's UI is way ahead of any other mail service.

But for me Google Earth now just looks like a 3D Map without Real-time data. One day real-time data with more precision might be available on Google earth or any leader in that service that time... So that we can check whether our cycle parked outside is safe through those satellite images. Wow let us hope we can be the james bond sooner


After landing in my first job at Novell, I was taxed by the tax planning. Tax planning, applying for PAN, Investment planning, etc... are the totally new things that I am doing. I have planned to invest based on the IT rules/laws for deductions... So is it deductions for investments or investments for deductions...

After a taxing period with induction, final semester project work, Report submission, viva-voce... I am waiting for final semester results... and will receive my degree on 22nd July 2005 on the first convocation of NITT... feels good to be part of the first convocation and receive the degree along with my seniors...

Waiting for a welcome relief...