27 May 2005

Stop Ageing

There are 3 rules which will help you stop ageing. These rules are not called golden rules because 'Old is Gold' but these are young rules

Rule 1: Work with younger people
By working with younger people you become one of them

Rule 2: Work with elder people
By working with older people you will always be the youngest and your mind will think that you are young

Rule 3: Work with people of same age
Working with people of same age makes you forget about age at all

Applying all the 3 rules of avoiding ageing just forget about your age, play with kids, peers, grannies... , you will avoid ageing totally. And one day you might die as a young person itself.

Till I was only a student I used to play, work, ... mostly with people of my same age. But the day I entered the corporate world I have to work with seniors. And as most of my friends have stopped playing I started playing with people much younger than me,... which made me little uneasy. Later I discovered the above 3 rules.....

24 May 2005

A story from the past

Where am I?

One fine morning I was standing in the balcony of my apartment in the second floor. It was unusually very cold and breezy. Children were playing in front of the apartment. Suddenly I saw a police jeep chasing a 20 year old. The jeep stopped and the police man aimed the gun at him. Suddenly to no ones expectation that youth grabbed hold of sameera, the 5 year old girl who lives in the ground floor. He was holding a knife to her neck. Without thinking about anything I threw the flower pot on his head. And he fainted. I rushed down to see what happened. Suddenly a TV crew appeared from nowhere. Unfortunately he died. Later I found that it was a shooting for a program called candid camera.

Now what will happen to me. It depends on where am I?
If I am in US of A, The TV company might be paying me for the stress that I have undergone because of them. If I am in UK, the TV show might be banned. If I am in India there are two cases which are possible. If the TV company belongs to the opposition party, The TV show will be banned and the channel might be asked to pay me and the chap who died. If the TV channel belongs to the ruling party I might be put in jail and would have to pay them for my foolish act.

I wrote this couple of years back in college and still it is in my memory if not to the finer details. This is just a memory check.

17 May 2005

Cant Cheat

In my office there is a weekly quiz for which we can mail our answers. The first person with the top score will get to set next weeks quiz and so on. My friend is the topper of the first quiz for the next quarter. I asked him if he could give the answers before the questions were published, I could mail them as soon as questions are published and I could set the questions nexttime. And I could give him the answers so he tops next week and so on. As gift vouchers worth 750 bucks awaits the winner and 500 bucks for the person coming second. But that cheat cheated me and didnt agree for my plan!
Do you think it is his honesty that stopped him! Think again, I feel it is his confidence that he can win without cheating!
So Being confident makes one Honest and Being Honest makes you confident
Honesty is the best policy

11 May 2005

The Best

The Second Best

Always Be the second best
if on top will know not
where to go
if so deep
cannot keep at to get up

nature uncomparable
nothing is better
nothing is worse

feeling on top
not knowing where to go next
stagnant in an endless journey
the river should flow
or will smell foul

be the best
trying to be the best
the second best is the best

feeling so deep
tired of the undone work
upset still
the earth should rotate
or will disintegrate

be the best
trying to be the best
the second best is the best

all should grow
one step at a time
or will go to grave
the moment it is born

the best of the best
the second best
will not make you the best
will keep you the best

I am ranked second in my class, which motivated me to write this. I feel that anything can be defended, you can even defend that nothing can be defended.


This door will let you enter my head and have a nice time!!!