23 January 2008

Speed Governor

Government is trying to mandate Speed Governors which will restrict the top-speed!

Bangalore is already jammed. Speed governors will keep vehicles on road for more time, so more traffic!

Also I wonder how some of the one-ways in Bangalore help. Unless it lets you avoid a wait at a signal/crossing, it keeps vehicles on road for a longer duration/distance which should add to the traffic jam. But some oneways are seem to be made oneways without any reason.

Anyway, I do not know, where are the roads in Bangalore to drive above the limit. I waited for the bus for 55 mins today, and I called my friend after waiting for 30 mins and came to know that it is just 900 meters away. I guess he drove it above the speed limit at 2km/h as the speed governor was not installed.

May be behind all these drama there is a company that manufactures these speed governors.
This is not an allegation, just the thought I get.