27 May 2005

Stop Ageing

There are 3 rules which will help you stop ageing. These rules are not called golden rules because 'Old is Gold' but these are young rules

Rule 1: Work with younger people
By working with younger people you become one of them

Rule 2: Work with elder people
By working with older people you will always be the youngest and your mind will think that you are young

Rule 3: Work with people of same age
Working with people of same age makes you forget about age at all

Applying all the 3 rules of avoiding ageing just forget about your age, play with kids, peers, grannies... , you will avoid ageing totally. And one day you might die as a young person itself.

Till I was only a student I used to play, work, ... mostly with people of my same age. But the day I entered the corporate world I have to work with seniors. And as most of my friends have stopped playing I started playing with people much younger than me,... which made me little uneasy. Later I discovered the above 3 rules.....

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