30 March 2010

Do you know Mahatma?

The Indian 5 rupee coin comes in so many size/shape/design now-a-days.

And it is going to be a tough task to have automatic vending machines accept them. The picture has only few types of 5 Rupee coins, I had at a time. There are many more in circulation.

Till I saw one of the 5 rupee coin which had "MAHATMA BASAVESHWARA" inscribed on it, I assumed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the only Mahatma!

So who is this Mahatma Basaveshwara ? Are there any other people, who are called Mahatma? I found Jyotirao Phule.

Guess, now coins are released in memory of people, incident etc.. instead of stamps. Can you think of anything equivalent that could be done digitally? Or something is already in use?


Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

All the coins are in same size except the bigger one. But u took photos of different types of coins... So vending machine will work fine I guess.
How come you collected these many coins? I never saw the bigger coin.

Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

I never saw the bigger 5 Rupee coin.

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

They are all of different weight and thickness. And these are just what I could get hold of, when I took the pics. There are more.

But I am not a vending machine expert. But people without vision would have problems for sure.

Sankar said...

We should ask a coin for "Thiruvalluvar". It is a pity that sometime in future bollywood actors also might get a coin.

Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

@Sankar - Dont know whether bollywood actors get into the coin. I am sure MK will be there one day with his all the wives.

rathinamurthy said...

MK will get a Mahatma image for sure in future..thats the worst of part about history..it always written by rulers !