05 April 2010

Who is Linux?

Yesterday, I was bored in the afternoon and had a digital camera with me. I thought of making my own steadicam, but then when I saw the tux over my TV, this contest came to my mind. And the result is an entry to the competition.

I spent only few minutes. I think it is quiet OK, given its very low production value. I am not trying to win, but just like I send crappy patches to Linux and waste kernel developers time, I uploaded it to waste 43 seconds of your time.


Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

Nice video... u r the cameraman for my movie.

Anonymous said...

Linux, still fears of Apple & Window?!

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

@lal I will be happy to. But you would have to tolerate my interference in story, screenplay, direction

@Anonymous See the video. It is a friend of all. I wanted to convey that, Linux can inter-operate with both of them.
And if you are asking generically, Linux is a software that does not have any feelings. Or at least I cannot understand its feelings.

Madhan said...

Ohh... Now i understand why you had shown pomegranate and door.. nice work!!