08 March 2010

What these advertisement mean to me

A guy parks his car in no-parking. Before the cops could tie his car to towing truck, he gets back in the driver seat.
Probable intended meaning: No crowds at ATM, and very fast service
I understood: ATM's without parking facility and no customers except law-breaking stupids

Ashirwad Atta
A young daughter of the family is too fast and active doing like stealing chappathi's, removing clothes from the drying line, when it rains before her mother could.
Intended meaning: Ashirwad atta keeps the girl healthy and energetic
Conveyed meaning: Everyone else, who also eat the same atta are dull and lethargic.

Did you ever had such interesting mis-interpretations?


Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

only u can think in opposite way... like how u thought for that dialogue in movie "Thenavettu"

Sankar said...

Nice post. It should be ATMs and not ATM's.

Johnny said...

IIRC & IMHO , the point of the ad is that it delivers your money faster than other ATMs. And I don't think so they were cops .. they were thieves (I don't watch much TV)

Ignore me if it was just a sarcastic take on the ad. :)

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

1. it should be crowd not crowds
2. "active doing like"
3. chappathis not chappathi's

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

@Johnny A really new (mis-?)interpretation. Any body else think they are thieves and not traffic police?