10 March 2010

33% Ladies and 0% gentlemen

33% reservation for women. Will there be a rule to have a women PM/CM for 33% of time per-term? If it is OK to force a women representative for a constitution for a term, this should also be implemented.

At least we should implement 33% reservation for men as well, even though it is not needed right now, to maintain equality and avoid problems in the future. Also it would help hiding the gender based discrimination of law.

One solution could be the one in my school. One male representative and one female representative per constitution.

I can foresee a future protest by Eunuchs for reservation. It would be better if we can implement it now itself. Also I would like to know the basis for this particular 33%, why not 34%?


Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

Its correct to have 33% for men as well.... But think abt the "XXY" or "XYX".... dont we need atleast 1%? so 33 for women, 33 for men and 1 for them.

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

@lal XXY, XYX are called Eunuch's thats what I also meant.
Even then why 33%?
and 100 -(33+33) = 34 not 1.
Why not 44% and 44% + 1%?

Sankarlal's Thoughts said...

I missed out the 33 for common....