09 March 2006


It looks like Kaif and Laxman are the next 2 in BCCI/chappell's hitlist.
Dropped after scoring a match saving(it is) inning's will break anyone's heart. And giving his place for yuvi returning from injury, defies any logic.

Why is that yuvi still being a favourite of Team BCCI, even after the demise of his guardian, saurav? Why is BCCI targeting individuals? They escaped from the bad name with the help of Dhoni and Pathan's success. Had they failed, BCCI would have been in deep trouble. Failure in the sense, even just performing upto the expectaion. Hatsoff to them for exceeding the expectations. But dont know how long they can sustain that.

Why cant, Saurav, Kaif , Laxman, and all other talents in multiple levels affected by the BCCI start their own Indian team? say a ACCI - Academy for Cricket Controversies in India.

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