01 June 2006


No Quota -> No Caste -> No cheap Politics

Why not give reservation in Buses also....
30% of seats are reserved for OBCs
20% for SC/STs
and remaining 50% again its open competition where SC/ST and OBC's will take lions share

It killed my patriotic feelings for the country. It feels as if we are not a single nation but 3,4 groups just sharing resources


Rat said...

No Opportunity-->no access to the resources-->No life here

Some 3-5 % of the population is owning the whole nation...
I feel those people don't even have a nation to have patriotic feelings like you Nik..

vallavan manmadhan said...

Thats what no oppurtunity/access/life for the unreserved class

theworld said...

I thought divide and rule policy went away with the British !!