09 February 2006

Business of sports

Sachin is respected as God, at best what can he do? Belt the leather ball some 60- 70 yards with his willow. But we all love that act more than a farmer who ploughs to make food for human-kind. He gets paid a megre amount for his work but these sporting heroes, film-heros etc who dont provide us with anything essential but just the pleasure gets a lumpsum

But What is the use of sports? Why are we attracted to that? What gives it this much of importance? ? ?
sports gets the importance mainly because its not that important!!!
We can loose but we are not ready to loose in reality... We can defeat somebody to get the pleasure... We can proove that we are the best...best in what? skill to fight for the control of a ball.. In essence it gives a way to shed the mental pressure... We learn to give less importance to the things that bothers us and get a free, lighter mind. The advantage of physical fitness is infact a positive side-effect...

In my office we had the annual sports meet last weekend and it was total fun... And the cricket tournament is in progress... It proved to me as an oppurtunity to know the people around me in the work-place and now I feel to have more friends around me... sports act as a catalyst in the teaming process

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