11 January 2006

Yearend fun

It was very relaxing and joy to go on a 9 day holiday to my hometown. I enjoyed it with LAN Parties and Animated Movies. It was fantastic watching the search for nemo, the ogre rescuing the princess, the ants fighting the caterpillars with the help of the circus bugs, and the second episode of the adventures of Andy's toys. It was also fantastic to experience the spectacular collision with my brother on a high speed Porsche, gunning down my friends and brothers in a very real tournament and building my army against a very weak men of my brother. The hangover didnt descend easily after coming back to routine. I was compelled to watch the adventures of the monster monkey.

Earlier Just before the end of the year had a oppurtunity to read the sherlock holmes way of finding the mystery behind the hounds of Baskerville. And now for the first time had an oppurtunity to experience John Grisham through his, 'The Summons'

I am telling all these just to explain what prevented me bloging for some time


santosh said...

Yes had indeed prevented you for a long time. Btw, the hounds of Baskerville. very good book will encourage everyone to read that to start with any detective novel and then move to Agatha Chritie.

theworld said...

Hey, you seem to have spent the holidays doing some good things....