24 August 2007

Laws are made by the people, for the people

HC acquits Soren in murder case
NEW DELHI, Aug 22 – Former Union Minister and JMM leader Shibu Soren was today acquitted in the 14-year-old murder case of his private secretary Shashi Nath Jha by the Delhi High Court which held that CBI “miserably” failed to prove its case

They cannot punish someone because, he is not proved guilty. If someone is not proved to be guilty, how can they make statements like "CBI failed to prove", which means that they know he is guilty. If they know he is guilty they should have punished him. If they are not sure that someone is guilty how can they blame CBI for not proving him as guilty - very funny but sad...

Rules and Laws may not be perfect or even correct as they themselves are made by our ancestors, who surely did not have the intelligence as we do have or gen-next will have. In fact some cunning old politicians want to enforce dumb old rules even now... think laws on reservation/quota here ;)


Anonymous said...

Man, how dumb you are! What the court actually meant was CBI has brought up a case and may be they had such less/insufficient evidence that they failed to establish even the locus of the case. Such petitions/cases actually waste time of the court and thus is discouraged.

Not the way you interpreted. So don't be sad.

vallavan manmadhan said...

oh! if the CBI is not sure about any crime they should not bring it to the court ?! got it! thank you anonymous coward

Anonymous said...

Well, CBI is not a bunch of emotional fools like you. Atleast they are not expected to be.

They are expected to do some homework before producing some one in the court. At the end of the day CBI can win or loose. No problems with that. But if you are unable to produce any evidence/proof for your suspicion then you are wasting courts time.

Why not take you to the court and say you committed the murder. There isn't any evidence to make anyone feel so, but lets say I feel it. And I should be discouraged for bringing up anything such and wastiong court's time. That way SC's comments are not funny and you don't be sad.

Having said that let me make it clear that I am not supporting Soren. Just wanted to convey that your reasoning is wrong. And how on earth does it matter that I convey my point tagging my name with it or make it anonymously. Treat the comments at its face value. Or am I expecting too much from you, you being dumb?