25 August 2007

do not buy

'We don't need Reliance'

Dr S Ramadoss, the Pattal Makkal Katchi leader, is spearheading the opposition to Reliance Fresh on the ground that it will break the backbone of the rural economy in the southern state.

if you do not want their shops... do not buy... but you cannot tell them not to sell... this is a democratic country I believe...
Those people are one of the top tax payers in the country... a large percentage of public projects are dependent on their money... we should support them...
these small shops do not even file returns:(


Anonymous said...

These reliance people, wherever they have gone, have either corrupted the economy or benefited from its loopholes. And idiots like you don’t want to see the big picture and support him/his likes blindly. Don't forget how they benefited from license raj.

By his magnanimous plan, he will buy all the produce of farmers single-handedly, eliminating the middle-men, and sell it through his retail chains. He can keep both the prices in others favor for a year or two so that retailers and middle-men dry up and then drive the prices any way he wants, once retailers an middle men are eliminated. And given the fact that there isn't any competition in this sector, he can well drive the buying price from farmers and selling price to the consumers for his own good.

The positives are that he will create some 20-100 jobs for college students per retail outlet who can help guiding the visiting customers. The negatives are 100-1000 people of the likes of middle men, retailers, whole sellers, vegetable vendors are eliminated per retail outlet.

Now there is choice between stopping him and letting him do whatever he wants and not buying from him. Look at it in this way. It’s like stopping terrorists at the first chance or allowing them to carry explosives and not allowing them to pull the trigger and cause some explosion.

There’s only one way about it. Stop them. We all should stop Ambanis at the first place and oppose him with full force.

No wonder, if you think differently, you capitalist scum.

@di said...

looks like this "Anonymous" guy is your own alter ego :D

vallavan manmadhan said...

hehe... may be...
saw aparichit on tv?

Srijith Unni said...


Me first time here..!( Found out the URL myself )
In one way, people who own small shops will of course suffer. Because we cannot dictate terms that no one should buy.. As long as there are producers there will be consumers and vice versa..! There are even today people who travel to big markets, buy vegetables/fruits/flowers and go around the residential areas selling them for a low margin.

However like you said Reliance Fresh cannot be stopped from selling..!

P.S : a nice way to keep track of your possibly ground-breaking ideas. Keep up the Blogging..!

Best Regards,