23 July 2007

Optimist cries always

When will a man be happy?
When he gets better than what he expected.

When will a man be sad?
When he gets worser that his expectation.

When will he be bored?
He gets whatever he predicted.

So how to be happy always?
Expect bad things. Always be pessimistic. Feel the power of sheer pessimism. Optimism is the root cause of all sorrow.

Consider the simple case of India Versus Bangladesh cricket match. All the Indians expect them to win easily, but if they loose - they are sad. If it was between Australia and India, we expect India to loose. And if India wins we are all very happy. If India wins against Bangladesh and looses to Australia, we are all bored.

Choose between the Sadness, boredom and happiness - the choice is yours


Pankaj Sharma said...

Of course...as the saying goes Normal is boring...to be progressive we should never be contended but to have peace and real happiness the contentment must be there...

Terah said...

Interesting to know.