27 July 2007

India, collect rent, do not tax me... please

We read a lot of news about the wastage of People's tax. We know the ways in which tax is being wasted. But only those few who pay tax cries and the majority does not bother as it was not their money:-( [ this is the situation in India]

Why tax?
Tax is collected for the common expenditure of the citizens.

Why tax me more than some one who works less[earn less]?

Why tax some one who works more [i.e., earns more say Ambhani, Rajnikanth, etc... ] more than me?

Instead of taxing the citizens, country should collect rent from them. If you are a family of 4, you pay the rent for 4. If you are a family of 8, you pay rent for 8. As simple as that. Just like we paying road tax for each vehicle!

This way, the population will be controlled, voters list will become perfect, ration cards will have correct details, people will fight if they find their money being wasted as everyone pays for it!

Everyone should pay for only what he gets, otherwise this is totally unfair. One day I would like to see world currency, all people voting for every decision instead of their representatives[MLA, MP] doing[?] the job, rent per person, equality to all, understanding that not all are same etc...

confused by equality to all & understanding that not all are same ? I meant that not all are equal but there should be no special privileges.[ reservation]

Till then this remains as my dream...


kalyanasundaram said...

I dont agree on this. First of all rent seems to be little rude. Why should i pay rent to stay in my own house , ppl might ask. But indirectly thats what we are doing anyway. But the word rent makes it to think of it. Another this is how do you decide about the amount of rent. Say you decide 1000 /- Rupees per month. how many would be able to afford. What about the decision if somebody is not able to pay it. Kill them ??? Because they cant pay anywhere less than this and so cant live anywhere. I just remember some random quote "In this world lot of ppl are live just because shooting them is against the law". Then think of rich ppl, what is the guarantee they dont bring some unnecessary outsiders to the country just because they have more money to pay. What about the security? Money value differs everywhere? what about them. Ok forget it somehow common currency has come say 3020, and everybody is earning in that scenario there wont be any need of _rent_ . Ok forget about all the issue. Every human being has a possessiveness , My place, my home, my area, remember "enga area ulla varatha" even almost every animal has it. I belive human is another kind of animal with little knowledge that is it. So he cant be open minded. Everywhere the rent is same so i go to some new place. What about ppl who already stays there? Remember the red indians. Yet another fight you are leading to. Third world war?

So based on the amount you earn you pay it because you are capable of paying more too. So contribute more to the country that is the logic. The one thing we can do is the money we pay for country get spend in correct way. (am telling about the corruption)

I feel the current system is correct but the currepted ppl does not allow to work it and bend them for their own purpose.

I too dont agree the reservation based on the cast or with something else. The scholarship should be based on the family earning and the entrance to any place should be based on the talent. What is the matter if somebody does not have the capability and still go places for nothing and spoil there too.

vallavan manmadhan said...

If someone does not have the money to pay, equivalent amount of physical work should be extracted. For patients and minors, their guardian should pay, with money or work. For physically challenged orphans care could be provided from the common fund, provided the majority approves.

The amount will be decided by the total budget divided by the no of people

A new word like myshare could be used instead of the word rent. Not getting what you are paying for... corruption goes out of the system

Some other words that could be used are perhead tax, citizen bill, country fund etc...

Paying based on the amount you earn, is simply cheating, very much similar to reservation/quota etc..

vallavan manmadhan said...

Unmarried IT Pros like me, stay together with friends, but do we share the rent and other common expenses based on the ratio of income?! We divide it equally, don't we?

vallavan manmadhan said...

I am not taking about the effects of this, there may be bad side-effects like rich get richer and poor get poorer, but I do not feel comfortable walking on the roads constructed with the money of some tax-payer.

I felt this only after I started paying tax. The question on my mind after starting to pay IT was what am I using more from the country now, which I was not using all these years. The answer turned out that, I have using many things without paying for it all these years and I would have remained so, If I haven't started working

Aravindhan Arumugham said...

The current system holds good since if billionaire like a Ambani, Rajnikanth pays rent, like family of 4 or 6, then money gets accumulated there, year after year. so money circulation decreases. So at one point of time, all money will be in their houses.

vallavan manmadhan said...

I do not think that paying 33% will make the rich poorer at all. We all will become rich for sure as we are more likely to get paid more as our employers need not pay high tax. In other words, I want that money to flow through our hands instead of directly to the government. The benefits are plenty.

This attitude of current system holds good make us stagnate and smell foul.

This way of collecting tax is simply unfair. To reduce the rich-poor-divide other means like high pay for job, better wages for physical work and such standards should be established.