24 August 2009

13 steps

I was using the stair-case instead of lift, whenever possible, in my office, for the past couple of weeks. I park my motorcycle in 0th floor and my office is in 6th floor. Each floor has 2 stretches of 13-steps each. Even though there are even number of steps(26) between 2 floors, it was split in to two stretches of odd number of steps(13).

The problem with odd -number of steps is that, if you don't watch your step, you would make the first step with your dominant leg(say right leg) at each stretch by one-step more than the other leg. That would burden that leg by 1-step at each stretch. There are 12 -stretches to the 6th floor. so 12 -steps more than the other leg. This can create an imbalance and knee problems! Does Vaasthu take care of these stuff?

1 comment:

Vijesh said...

Nice observation, guess if the vastu guy comes to know of this imbalance, he would recommend to build a wall across the staircase and totally block the route. :D

intha vastu complication nala than I take the lift ;)