30 January 2009

Bad ECOnomy

One of my friend was making a comment that, "I am buying a motorcycle when many people are getting pink slips.." Jokingly I commented, "It is said that, not spending during a bad economy would worsen the situation, and people should spend, which would make businesses prosper and economy would get better"

But this made me think about the prevalence of the pink-slip fear. I know some of my friends who are afraid of being laid-off and hence they work 24 hours doing almost 2+ person work a day, to make them valuable for the company. But the net effect is everyone does 2 people's work and the management would find that only half the number of people are enough. So they would cut the workforce!!! And most of the people who worked like a donkey to shield themselves from lay-off, would be laid-off...

Moral of the story: Prevention is better than cure, but make sure your prevention measures cannot be multiplied by a negative number.

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