09 July 2008

Luxury @ my disposal

Left from office by the afternoon shuttle @ 2pm from BTP to Silkboard. I was the lone passenger in the swaraj mazda 20+ seater, with driver and an attender. With the price of fuel sky-rocketing (rockets usually come down unless they escape the gravity), using the services of 2 men just for me was real luxury. I felt a bit uneasy doing so!

Also I used to wonder why Americans call Petrol as gas when it is actually liquid in state. Petrol is also known as gasoline and gasoline should have shortened to become gas. So petrol is gas which is actually liquid


Anonymous said...

A lot people in Bangalore are traveling alone daily in a luxury car which consumes more fuel than the swaraj mazda. If you really feel for saving energy do remember to feel the same when you get the luxury car


Nikanth Karthikesan said...

He he he.. I do not like the concept of saving energy at all as I know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. I am pretty sure that at no point we will run out of fuel/energy. Just their forms change.

But I did feel awkward to use the service of two men. But I do realize that it is not just 2 of them, but many more including the cops on the way etc... It is just way of life. IOW it provides them the bread and butter.