17 December 2007

Green Week

Green Week is being celebrated/followed in my office. But conservation of energy and water was talked about a lot instead of pollution!!!

Fighting Pollution Versus Energy/Water Conservation

Though there may be a relation between consumption of water/power to the pollution, it does not constitute much. Fighting global warming is a good cause if we know it for sure. I personally believe that man do not have good understanding of those. If we cannot predict the tomorrow's weather, how can we predict the climate after 100s of years. Even consuming plastic saves forest, only that we should dispose/recycle it properly. Creating awareness of how to reuse/recycle/dispose them is much better than simply asking people not to use plastic bags. Paper bags costs lots of wood!

Instead we should work for proper recycling/disposal of water. Improve scientific ways to generate1 power. No one knows the purpose of life2, but we tell not to waste power, water. The term wastage depends on the person. Some people will define anything not absolutely required for life as waste. For example movies, TV, Books, A/C etc.. may be considered as waste. And even letting the bulb glow even when I am not there is useful for me as I do not have to take the pain of switching it off and on!

1 - Generate is a wrong word here as it can be mistakenly understood as create. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. "Convert" should be more suitable.

2 - If you know, please do let me know

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