02 February 2009

dot dot dot...

Some random thoughts... don't think logically and connect them.
  • Killing oneself is a crime.
  • Protesting in public without permission and disturbing the public is a crime.
  • Giving money is either a form of encouragement and acknowledging one's good work. Or it can be an aid, in case some one was unluckily affected, not due to a mistake of his own, but say by a natural calamity.
  • M Karunanidhi gives 2 Lakh INR from people's money, to the person who committed suicide in front of a Government office to protest an issue in our neighboring country.
  • Several other people are trying to commit suicide after the first one successfully killed himself to show their protest for war in Srilanka.
  • Tamil Srilankans in Jafna are protesting against LTTE, not their Government.
  • Connect the dots is a kid's fun way to learn drawing, where they connect the dots to get the whole picture. Adults do not usually enjoy them.

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Vijesh said...

Nice way to express!